Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headbanging Sampai Berdarah mmxii - Larkin Johore - 13 Oct 2012

This is our 3rd show in Johore Bahru after we act as opening band for Impiety show in Penang. Although we are totally tired, we still continue our performance because our true follower in Johore Bahru wait for us. We arrived to Larkin early in morning and get enough rest before conquer the stage.After soundcheck session, gig begun with other bands perform.
Although not many crowd, this gigs still happening when other bands support each other. Sounds systems today quite well and all thband give their best performance for this gig.
We meet all our blood here that supports us from our begins more than two years ago changes opinion and discuss each other about band, scene and our next future for scene. This is our bloodbrotherhood spirit without racism makes us more stronger in metal flags.

We want to thanks to all people bring Triumph Ov Fire here again for 3rd time. All the memories will be remembered in our heart and soul. Thanks to Yan Lord Naberius (ex -Triumph Ov Fire) perform with us plays our curse In The Name of Black Principle
We hope Johore scene will grow up more stonger than before and crowd to gig will increase day to day. Congratulation to organiser and crew that organise this show. Salute from us..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ravangers of The Empire Asian Tour Journey 2012

Travel from Seremban to Penang very far and tiring. When we arrived at Penang, the organizers have provided hotel for us. Next day, we and organizer prepared for the show. Band souncheck  involved Medussa Safanah. Goatlusting Chaos and Triumph Ov Fire.

Gig starts at 7.30 pm and our performances start after Goatlusting Chaos, Medussa Safannah , Lavatory before The Mighty Impiety conquer the stage. Triumph Ov Fire excited with great response from northern metalheads involving all stage ages. This is a good sign for our homeland metal scene development.

Our show starts  with Intro dan followed by  Circle Of Tyrant, Story Of Your Roses (masterpiece song from us), In The Name of Black Principle, Metal Heart (Accept cover), The True Triumph Ov Fire (new song) and Slaugther Six, Six , Six (cover from our death Metal legend, Silent Death). 

Overall, we are very excited with the good response and very supportive crowd for  Triumph Ov Fire show. Million thanks to NEM Production for being willing to take us to Penang and this is our second time performing here. Scene north proved still strong with metal root and influence. and we are very proud to be here. Hail to all metalhead comes for this show.

Our show can see through this link

Triumph Ov Fire - Live...Fire In Hell City

Finally, this  Triumph Ov Fire live album released by Trooper Art Regime Distro. This is special to our true follower. This live album recorded during Triumph Ov Fire show in Solaris Dutamas Kuala Lumpur on 7 January 2012. In this live album included 1 track promo entitled The True Triumph Ov Fire. The album is quite special for us because nowadays live album rarely released by local metal bands. 

This is our 7th Material after following release:
2010- Promo- Story Ov Your Roses
2010- Sound of Anastasha Compilation
2010- In The Name Of Black Principle (1st Mini E.P)
2011- Where The Journey Begins (DVD)
2011- Born In Darkness Compilation Vol.4
2011- 2nd Edition 1st E.P In The Name Of Black Principle
          (+ 2 Old Promo + 1 Unreleased Track)

We like to thank Trooper Art Regime Distro for the live album and still opportunity and trust to Triumph Ov Fire to produce our next material. Triumph Ov Fire sincerely hope this album get  good responses and mighty support from not for Malaysia scene only but also in Southeast Asia region. Get this album no matter how before sold out!!!

Credit to Vokill Records. Thanks.