Monday, December 31, 2012

3 years ov struggle

Today (1/1/2013) is the 3rd year Triumph Ov Fire in Malaysia Metal Scene. We still young and still many things need to learn. In three years, many sweet and bad memories remains with us. All this memories make us stronger than before to continue our journey. We would to thank to all ex -line up from 1/1/2010  untill current line up now. We also appreciate our followers no matter who you are from first day until now that faith with us and still give your support to Triumph Ov Fire and make us one of black metal band active in our scene.

In 2013 we want to seperate Triumph Ov Fire name and Malaysia Black Metal Flag outside from Malaysia. We also hope to get new follower around Asia. This is not a joke but we will try our best and give full commitment to achieve what we target for 2013. This year we hope to release more promo, EP, live album, split an joins compilation , dvd and if we have enough time we will release our full lenght this year. We also hope can perform to another place that we never perform there before. 2013 is very busy time for us and need work very hard. No more waste our time.

We hope supports to us gain more stronger and increase day to day. Without it , is impossible for us to continue our journey. Once again thanks to all thats support us and still faith in our legion.

Magelang Gembludug 7 17/3/2013

For second time Triumph Ov Fire will perform in Indonesia but this time at Gedung Pertemuan Metroyudan, Jogjakarta Indonesia on 17 Mac 2013. Many good act will perform there and we believe this event very interesting . We feel very excited to be here and we hope Triumph Ov Fire performance will get good responses from our bloodbrother there. We promise we will give our best and they organizer will not frust with the trust given to us. For Indonesian Metalheads see you there brother and sister. Come and join us!

Malaysia Metal Warrior 10/2/2013

This gig will be combining all black metal bands from Malaysia and one special appreance from Singapore. We believe this gig are waited by many metalheads in Malaysia. This gig organized by Metal Warrior Production. Triumph Ov Fire invited by Eko Lucifer (Santau) to destroy the stage with Sauts Alastor, Balberith, Black Abyss,Santau , Claw, Ajal and Navrathos. Book your date and save your money from now! See you there brother. Hell fucking yeah!!

The Grandeur of East , Kuantan 5/1/2013

It quite suprise when we are invited by organizer to perform in Kuantan. This is our first time we will  perform in Kuantan and we excited to conquer the stage there.  As usual we will share the stage with another  good local act from our motherland Malaysia like Imperial, Mattra, Negation, Visitant, Morrgorm and many more. To all our comrades believe dan support us in Malaysia East Coast come and join us. Make this gig your memorable moments in your life!!!

Long sleeve Triumph Ov Fire official t-shirt

Triumph Ov Fire would like to thanks to our comrades that already bought  this t-shirt. We speecless because just three weeks this t-shirt almost sold out. We are very sorry to our comrades that not get this t-shirt because this release very limited.  We promise next time we will release more our official  t-shirts with interesting design. We hope your support still remains with us and we try give our to produce more and more  material. Nobody can stop us!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


When we accept offer from Jody –organizer for this event we really excited to perform there.  We fell really great get this oppurtunity  and feel this really important to us because  we are the only Malaysian band perform for this event

This is our first time perform outside from Malaysia . Detail preparation,  a lot of reherseals, dicusssion among line up  to make sure everthing gonna be smooth.  Althoghh we are not get attention from local zine, we are never give up to go Batam  because we get very good response from our blood and crew and they also make promotion for us. We also did self promotion by facebook , blog and many more internet channel just to make sure we want to go as far as we can.

We start our journey to Batam from Nilai  then go Pelabuhan Setulang Johor using ferry as our transport.  Really good experience for us. We arrived in Batam and the organizer pick up us and give us really good coperation and make sure everthing ok. We stay at hotel near concert venue. 

At the night, the organizer bring us dan we get to know better Batam metal comrades ,. They are really good guy and really appreciate us .  Next day our vocal  Rock Angel get good news , he get new sons  and this his 4th  child, Congratulation man. Don’t waste time we go to venue to  make sound check and  our guitarist Erik get really bad fever but after doing the soundcheck we go to venuee back to hotel and get some rest before performance.

When we arrived to venue see a lot crrowd and  metal maniac headbanging moshing and enjoys many band performance. Really different from our country. After Maghrib we get instruction from organizer to prepare for our turn. Erik 666 fever getting worse and he want to quit but after dicussion among line up Erik 666 change his earlier decision.  Everthing  going like we planned before..
One by one song from us get really good response from crowd. All 8 songs include one intro performed by us supported by really good sound system. We really satisfied. Experience perform in Batam really good for us to know outside metal scene from Malaysia. Along with many talented band from Batam, Padang and Singapore share the stage and get oppurtunity to get know each other better than before, We also want to thanks En Hafifi our sound engineer because doing his responsibilty really well.  

Next day , we must go back to Malaysia because our vocal Rock Angel want to se his new child. We leave Batam with many good memories to us and our promise we will back there! To oragnizer Jody ,all bands, crowd, and our comrades thanks for support . Salute!!!

To see our journey to BATAM  see through this link

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headbanging Sampai Berdarah mmxii - Larkin Johore - 13 Oct 2012

This is our 3rd show in Johore Bahru after we act as opening band for Impiety show in Penang. Although we are totally tired, we still continue our performance because our true follower in Johore Bahru wait for us. We arrived to Larkin early in morning and get enough rest before conquer the stage.After soundcheck session, gig begun with other bands perform.
Although not many crowd, this gigs still happening when other bands support each other. Sounds systems today quite well and all thband give their best performance for this gig.
We meet all our blood here that supports us from our begins more than two years ago changes opinion and discuss each other about band, scene and our next future for scene. This is our bloodbrotherhood spirit without racism makes us more stronger in metal flags.

We want to thanks to all people bring Triumph Ov Fire here again for 3rd time. All the memories will be remembered in our heart and soul. Thanks to Yan Lord Naberius (ex -Triumph Ov Fire) perform with us plays our curse In The Name of Black Principle
We hope Johore scene will grow up more stonger than before and crowd to gig will increase day to day. Congratulation to organiser and crew that organise this show. Salute from us..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ravangers of The Empire Asian Tour Journey 2012

Travel from Seremban to Penang very far and tiring. When we arrived at Penang, the organizers have provided hotel for us. Next day, we and organizer prepared for the show. Band souncheck  involved Medussa Safanah. Goatlusting Chaos and Triumph Ov Fire.

Gig starts at 7.30 pm and our performances start after Goatlusting Chaos, Medussa Safannah , Lavatory before The Mighty Impiety conquer the stage. Triumph Ov Fire excited with great response from northern metalheads involving all stage ages. This is a good sign for our homeland metal scene development.

Our show starts  with Intro dan followed by  Circle Of Tyrant, Story Of Your Roses (masterpiece song from us), In The Name of Black Principle, Metal Heart (Accept cover), The True Triumph Ov Fire (new song) and Slaugther Six, Six , Six (cover from our death Metal legend, Silent Death). 

Overall, we are very excited with the good response and very supportive crowd for  Triumph Ov Fire show. Million thanks to NEM Production for being willing to take us to Penang and this is our second time performing here. Scene north proved still strong with metal root and influence. and we are very proud to be here. Hail to all metalhead comes for this show.

Our show can see through this link

Triumph Ov Fire - Live...Fire In Hell City

Finally, this  Triumph Ov Fire live album released by Trooper Art Regime Distro. This is special to our true follower. This live album recorded during Triumph Ov Fire show in Solaris Dutamas Kuala Lumpur on 7 January 2012. In this live album included 1 track promo entitled The True Triumph Ov Fire. The album is quite special for us because nowadays live album rarely released by local metal bands. 

This is our 7th Material after following release:
2010- Promo- Story Ov Your Roses
2010- Sound of Anastasha Compilation
2010- In The Name Of Black Principle (1st Mini E.P)
2011- Where The Journey Begins (DVD)
2011- Born In Darkness Compilation Vol.4
2011- 2nd Edition 1st E.P In The Name Of Black Principle
          (+ 2 Old Promo + 1 Unreleased Track)

We like to thank Trooper Art Regime Distro for the live album and still opportunity and trust to Triumph Ov Fire to produce our next material. Triumph Ov Fire sincerely hope this album get  good responses and mighty support from not for Malaysia scene only but also in Southeast Asia region. Get this album no matter how before sold out!!!

Credit to Vokill Records. Thanks.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Next War!!!

Our next journey to Johor Bahru in 13 October 2012 in Stopzone Studio Larkin ..

Our war called Headbanging Sampai Berdarah mmxii organized by Angkatan Metal Selatan.

This is our 3rd time perform in Johor Bahru..This war we will struggle with  other armies like Atrocious, Sindraz,  Bahajang, Wreckar, Diemorecrusht  and Tussock .

Thanks to Eddie (The Four Horseman) for recommend us for this war..

Are are ready metalhead.. See you there. Beware!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unpublish from Unknown

Triumph Ov Fire (TOF) sudah meniti perjalanan kini untuk usia selama dua tahun lebih. Walaupun masih dianggap baru tetapi mereka begitu giat aktif dalam meriliskan material. Rock Angel adalah vokalis yang masih bersama TOF setelah berlaku beberapa pertukaran line up sebelum ini. Ditubuhkan dari Melaka pada awal tahun 2010 dengan memulakan promo lagu mereka iaitu “Story Of Your Roses” dan “Meditation”. Kemudian menyertai ‘Sounds Of Anatasha Compilation’ dan terus disusuli ep pertama mereka iaitu ‘In The Name Of Black Principle’. Berbekalkan melodic black metal yang dibawakan mereka selari dengan imej yang ditampilkan, TOF terus melancarkan pula DVD ‘Where The Journey Begins’ yang memaparkan sejarah penubuhan dan rakaman persembahan awal mereka bagi memperkenalkan lagi Triumph Ov Fire terhadap peminat mereka pada tahun berikutnya. Kemudian sekali lagi menyertai ‘Born In Darkness Compilation Vol 4’. Pada tahun yang sama mereka mengeluarkan kembali ep pertama mereka ‘In The Name Of Black Principle’ untuk edisi keduanya setelah edisi pertamanya habis dijual. Memuatkan juga tiga lagu bonus iaitu “Circle Ov The Tyrant” dan dua lagu lama promo awal mereka tersebut.
Terkini Triumph Ov Fire yang dianggotai oleh Rock Angel (vokalis), Erik 666 (gitar), Tetrasiel (gitar), Jaadi (bass), Black Orchivus (keyboard), dan Leviathan (dram). Bakal meriliskan ep kedua mereka yang diberi judul ‘Pure Serphent Misanthropic’ pada tahun ini dan sudah memulakan beberapa rakaman lagu. Menurut Rock Angel lagu “Intro”, “Triumph Ov Fire”, dan sebuah lagu yang belum diberi judul telah pun dirakamkan antaranya. Apabila ditanya mengenai kelainan yang bakal ditampilkan dalam ep kedua ini, ianya masih mengekalkan melodic dalam muziknya tidak seperti sebelum ini yang lebih ke arah atmospheric black metal. “perubahan yang ketara adalah dari segi sound dan penulisan lagu dan sudah pastinya liriknya ke arah evil dan pasti terdapat kekeliruan peminat terhadap TOF” Jelas Rock Angel. Malah menurutnya lagi lirik mereka agak berbeza sebelum ini dan apa yang penting adalah keberaniannnya dalam mengajak pendengar berfikir dalam setiap lagu yang akan diperdengarkannya nanti. Tahun ini juga mereka bakal menyertai dan mengeluarkan beberapa split album bersama beberapa kumpulan dari Malaysia, Indonesia, dan Singapura yang akan dikeluarkan oleh label mereka Trooper Art Regime Distro. Antaranya ialah ‘Split With Bootaxe-Bllod Brothers Among The Soldier’, ‘Split With Bvrtan-Nightside Eclipse Black Metal’ dan ‘3 Way Split Melodic Black Metal’ Ini sedikit sebanyak membantu nama TOF diperluaskan lagi di luar Negara. “semestinya nama TOF diperluaskan di sana. Malah jika dibandingkan scene di sana ianya amat berbeza sekali. Konsert besar kerap diadakan, semakin maju dan kumpulan di sana aktif disamping mendapat sokongan dari pihak kerajaan di sana yang lebih terbuka”. Ujar Rock Angel dalam memberi pendapatnya tentang persepsi sesetengah masyarakat di sini terhadap muzik black metal terutamanya. Malah menurutnya mereka juga pernah mendapat jemputan bermain di Batam, Indonesia tetapi terpaksa ditolak atas masalah pertukaran line up dan persediaan yang belum sempurna ketika itu.
Pada 7 Januari lepas Triumph Ov Fire telah mengadakan persembahan mereka di Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur iaitu di gigs ‘Demonic Chaos’. Ini adalah kali pertama mereka mengadakan persembahan di Kuala Lumpur. Mereka juga telah merakamkan lagu live di gigs tersebut bagi mengeluarkan live album mereka iaitu ‘Live..Fire In Hell City’ bakal diriliskan. “ live album tersebut adalah cenderahati buat peminat TOF yang setia dan juga bertujuan mengurangkan ketegangan terhadap kami menjelang lahirnya ep kedua kami nanti”. Bagi Rock Angel itu adalah persembahan terbaik dan bermakna buat mereka. Nantikan kemunculan Live..Fire In Hell City’ ini, split album dan ep ‘Pure Serphent Misanthropic’ dari mereka. “dapatkan ep pertama kami ‘In The Name Of Black Principle’ yang masih lagi ada dan nantikan juga ep terbaru kami. Terima kasih atas temuramah ini dan aku sangat menghargainya. ” Rock Angel mengakhiri. Hubungi mereka di atau layari,, dan

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Next Counquer...Penang!!!

Our first gig in Penang was in 2010 .. and this time was the second time TRIUMPH OV FIRE will come to Penang as one of the opening band for IMPIETY. We are very excited about this gig. And hope it goes well as planned.

We expect all our TOF bloodbrother ov metal in the north can join us in this gig. 12/10/2012 was the date that will be holding the sacred event.

What is so special, this time  TOF comes with a different image compare with our last performance 2 years ago in Penang.. TOF thank the NEM Production for inviting us for this ceremony ...

PenangPrepare to this War! ... More Black Metal! ... More War! ... and More Antichrist! Beware!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Undersickness IV Madness In Batam Coming Soon On November 2012

Triumph Ov Fire journey continue as far as possible and we are proud to be given the opportunity to perform in Batam Indonesia with 20 bands from other South-East Asia. This is a history for Triumph Ov Fire playing outside West / Malaysia.

With great excitement and enthusiasm we will do our with our misanthropic darkness spirit and full responsibility todestroy” the stage with our bloodbrother ov metal

11 November 2012 Triumph Ov Fire will be there . Beware!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Triumph Ov Fire live at Bangi 7 July 2012

TOF invited to join this gig, and a sense of responsibility on the scene, we respond to this call wih the spirit of  our new song titled Triumph Ov Fire.

We perform at this gig with 7 songs including the intro and new song titled Triumph Ov Fire (taken from our band name)

With a proud and passionate our new curses and summoning be heard and performed live for the first time in Bangi Malaysia.

Faced with the majority of our metal bloodbrothers, We deliver all the mantra the with a sense of responsibility to  entertain all ov them.

Thanks to MKB Studio as organizer, all crew and mostly important our bloodbrother ov metal from near or far away are willing to come this gigs and support our struggle in scene.

New Mantra, Curse and Summoning


The times I have with you
Is very horror
To reach out to your soul
Then I'll  know
You'll be dead
We are the truth the triumph ov fire
We are the world
The true triumph ov fire

TRIUMPH OV FIRE                                 

Suasana suram membangkitkan resah
Bermula kisah jiwa yang hitam                   
Melihat ke arah kehancuran suci
Memberi harapan yang tinggi                                 
Tinggalkan harapan dan kepercayaan
Bersama aku, menhancurkan ketenangan
Hitam yang benar..benar!!!
Inilah yang membawa kebenaran!!!
With the power
Ov the pentagram
I stood in the circle
Ov evil and darkness
With the power
Ov the pentagram
Summoned by the secrets
Of holy crime
Triumph Ov Fire 
Our World
Triumph Ov Fire
With Blood I stand
One by one
Ten by ten
Creating signs ov arrival
Greet with agony
Summon you
And be my side!!!
It's time we stand
In the name ov 'triumph'

The Music Should Speak For Itself

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

After a longer sleep Triumph Ov Fire is back again and ow works constantly for a new release. We promise that in the near future we will regularly update the blog again, so it will we worth the costs to check the page in regular intervals.

The present situation ov Triumph Ov Fire:

In the past years we have worked on new material just very rarely because ov different reasons but since the last months,we intensified the work for new material and realised, that the old spirit is back again and we are very motivated for a cool new release and we are very committed in every terms ov composing.

Meanwhile there are two songs which are fix starters for the next EP. Btw. we still have one finished song from the last session which also will be in one or another way. so probably this time we are in the luck situation that we have more songs left, so maybe there will be some special limited comrades releases beside the normal release, but this is ov course just a wish right now.

Before releasing ov the second EP Triumph Ov Fire, we will release a special collection line based on live performance. For the comrades ov Triumph Ov Fire out there, we will always look forward for your support for our next upcoming stuff. The reason why we releasing the live performance??? we think we were taking the old roots from the 90's and bringing it forwards to this day and age.

We hope that until the end ov this year most ov the material for the new E.P can be finished. In the moment we have no concrete conception about the lyrical concept. All we can say right now is, that Triumph Ov Fire is still alive and the PURE MISANTHROPIC KNIGHT will awake again

Keep supporting the local act...
Dear comrades...
We hail you everlasting

Demonic Chaos 2012

a million hail n honor to organizer Vokill for the invitation
and our comrade
for supporting Triumph Ov Fire last saturday...
the journey ov us still begin...
we've been around for almost 2 years by now...
we've been done quite a few gig so far
it obvious that we've gained much experience out ov this...
we deeply believe we managed to create something special, unique and theatrical in a way.
But there's no doubt it wouldn't have to happened without a strong following we received from all ov our comrades over the nations...

The New Chapter Ov 2012

1st January 2012
Triumph Ov Fire was celebrating our 2 years anniversary
Last 2011 we share our hapinesss..struggle and our sorrow together
Keep the black metal spirit alive comrades
Our journey never ends…

After Duta Solaris on this 7th Ov jan
We will live on stage at Penang on mar 10th 2012
For the 2nd times...
we will update the vanue later

the comeback ov Vlad Vesanus

Penang Black Metal Hoardes
Are You Ready For Us The Bringer Ov Annihilation???
Cheers N Respect

Monday, January 2, 2012

Next Journey
















Saturday, December 3, 2011


Perjalanan yg sukar tetap menjadi pilihan..walau ada jalan yg lebih menyenangkan..namun, kesukaran itu pasti membawa kesuatu tempat yg lebih pasti kerana pengalaman telah menjadi milik kita... Suara perlu dilontarkan..walau segelintir memandang ianya seperti semak..suara berbaur Jahat, adalah untuk mendapat riaksi yang lebih baik....keadaan yg memaksa suara2 sumbang ini berkata2..Reaksi luar yg harus di nilai setelah pembunuhan beramai2 berlaku..Tiada yg mengerti kerana fizikal yang kecil..membuatkan mata memandang suara ini terlalu membingungkan... menggenggam besi hingga menjadi api, bukan sesuatu yg pasti. Namun kita di beri pilihan untuk berani melakukanya..Tiada yang mustahil walau ianya belom menjanjikan apa2 di hadapan..Namun, pergerakan harus di teruskan tanpa berhenti walau sesaat..nafas ini..menceritakan setiap waktu ianya berlaku..tidak perlu lagi membebel membuta tuli..kerana keputusan itu amat memburukkan..Mata2 itu sentiasa menanti kesungkuran yg maha dasyat..itu lah kejayaan yang mereka nantikan!!!! tidak perlu didengar bisikan2 itu..kerana ianya sudah pasti palsu...benar atau tidak, semuanya di dalam diri..perjalanan yg lurus ttp menjadi pilihan, kerana sudah pasti ianya tidak menyemakkan... Satu daerah yg difikirkan kekal, akhirnya berhijrah..belajar berinteraksi dalam diri, bersama hati, bersama jiwa yg sepi..pergaulan di alam maya sentiasa diakhiri dengan kekusutan..berdiri semula di dunia realiti, namun tiada yang banyak perbezaan..hembusan kata2 terus di telinga lebih membunuh keyakinan diri..lama sentiasa memandang betapa comelnya semangat baru...terdiam seketika..termenung seketika..dunia luar bukan menjadi igauan aku...namun ianya menjadi satu cabaran tuk aku...AKU LEMPARKAN API...AKU BAKAR SEMUANYA...SATU SUMPAH..SATU PANDUAN..SATU MATLAMAT...IANYA GAGAL?...MAKA MATI AKU DI DALAM API SEMANGAT DIRI!!!!! perjuangan kita masih bermula lagi selagi kita ada nafsu, ada akal selagi kita ada matlamat perjuangan kita tiada berpenghujung...dari kesilapan yang lalu dari kejayaan semalam demi kejayaan masa hadapan...sejak lahirnya kita ke bumi hingga kembali ke liang lahad kita masih berjuang...perjuangan tak berpenghujung ini tiadalah hala tujunya bagi mereka yang menutup matahati dari cahaya kebenaran tetap ada penyudahnya bagi kita yang berpegang teguh pada tali kukuh yang tidak akan reput.... - Rock Angel

the heart ov struggle knows the spirit ov soul and by the present practice ov this perspective,shall the journey home be commenced,and someday our destination shall meet within to discover again, the true substance we are.and what is you but soul and what is soul but that you are..the substance ov beingness,expressing the consciousness ov spirit...IN THE NAME OV BLACK PRINCIPLES I SUMMONS THEE - Frozen Triplesix (Ex-Triumph Ov Fire)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Hail To Our Comrades

We've been around for almost a year and a half by now...we've been done quite a few gig so far and it obvious that we've gained much experience out ov this... we deeply believe we managed to create something special, unique and theatrical in a way. But there's no doubt it wouldn't have to happened without a strong following we received from all ov our comrades over the nations...thanx you for sticking to our band and your support. Finally we got a chance to pay you back for your loyalty and devotion. An official video “WHERE THE JOURNEY BEGIN” is almost 1 and a half hour ov the most extreme metal music known to a man... by release we hail you everlastingly !!!!
on behalf ov TRIUMPH OV FIRE.

Born In Darkness Vol 4

we are currently joining another compilation with
Trooper Art Regime Distro..
with Sick Society, HarlotNymph, Hanator, Puakerysm and Knigtmare...
each band with 2 song...

The Story Ov Your Rose n Haunted Wood by us...

so grab your copy now
just inbox

this is an absolute MUST for every serious metal-collection
not only black metal fanatic

cheers \m/

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



rose you threw from your head
now grown into a plant next to my bed
it has left many beautiful roses to see
but only the thorns belongs to me

even in the darkness i gave them the subshine
so they could live my life line
you see all those roses are only red
cos i gave them the life with my
fucking blood

you only see the beauty ov the rose show
but pain behind no one knows
every rose is nothing but a piece ov my heart
that has died and given your rose a new start

these rose not grown to kep in your head
i want these rose om my grave when im died
so i can feel you are always close to me
living in heart even when my sold is set free

you are the ones
whom in my life
i would always miss im leaving behind your rose
if you dont still understand
this is all about
the story ov your rose

Announce Dont Get Fuck N Scared Comrades

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the damnation circle has been filled once again and it is
with great pleasure that we would like to announce and
welcome to our new guitar player


now, that we face a new line up...we must say that the
atmosphere and the chemistry within the band feels absolutely fantastic...

Further more, every single member ov TRIUMPH OV FIRE sharing
a tremendously strong commitment an absolute dedication as well as utter professionalism.
and we are absolutely sure that what you,
our dear comrades soon will be able to witness
that this unholy gathering ov these
in satan service
is most sinful and damnation ever !!!

we have to practice together for a few months
we must to tighter and sound must be much better than ever before
so once we kick off the stage again
we will be like an infernal flame ov damnation that will crush
in its path