Monday, September 9, 2013

MADAT Productions - Official Label (Indonesia)

We officially under MADAT Productions from Indonesia. For Indonesia Black Metal scene, can get our next release from this label..
They will release all our new material and merchandises include our show management in Indonesia.
Next project Split with one Black Metal Band from Indonesia (Will be informed soon)
Thanks to MADAT Productions for this \m/-l-666-l-\m/
Hail MADAT !!! Hail Triumph Ov Fire!!!!!

Split Triumph Ov Fire/Bvrtan - Nightside Eclipse

Thanks to Trooper Art Regime Production for Nightside Eclipse release. This is our latest material with BVRTAN  from Indonesia (Agricultural Black Metal). We feel proud because it was symbolic union among two country Malaysia and Indonesia. Furthermore, it was our 5th release before our 2nd EP coming soon. This release also include our two new tracks and get good response from metalhead in Asia countries. Who did not own this release yet, can get through Trooper Art Regime Distro.

Thanks for your support and stay in black metal circle untill the end!!!