Monday, December 31, 2012

3 years ov struggle

Today (1/1/2013) is the 3rd year Triumph Ov Fire in Malaysia Metal Scene. We still young and still many things need to learn. In three years, many sweet and bad memories remains with us. All this memories make us stronger than before to continue our journey. We would to thank to all ex -line up from 1/1/2010  untill current line up now. We also appreciate our followers no matter who you are from first day until now that faith with us and still give your support to Triumph Ov Fire and make us one of black metal band active in our scene.

In 2013 we want to seperate Triumph Ov Fire name and Malaysia Black Metal Flag outside from Malaysia. We also hope to get new follower around Asia. This is not a joke but we will try our best and give full commitment to achieve what we target for 2013. This year we hope to release more promo, EP, live album, split an joins compilation , dvd and if we have enough time we will release our full lenght this year. We also hope can perform to another place that we never perform there before. 2013 is very busy time for us and need work very hard. No more waste our time.

We hope supports to us gain more stronger and increase day to day. Without it , is impossible for us to continue our journey. Once again thanks to all thats support us and still faith in our legion.

Magelang Gembludug 7 17/3/2013

For second time Triumph Ov Fire will perform in Indonesia but this time at Gedung Pertemuan Metroyudan, Jogjakarta Indonesia on 17 Mac 2013. Many good act will perform there and we believe this event very interesting . We feel very excited to be here and we hope Triumph Ov Fire performance will get good responses from our bloodbrother there. We promise we will give our best and they organizer will not frust with the trust given to us. For Indonesian Metalheads see you there brother and sister. Come and join us!

Malaysia Metal Warrior 10/2/2013

This gig will be combining all black metal bands from Malaysia and one special appreance from Singapore. We believe this gig are waited by many metalheads in Malaysia. This gig organized by Metal Warrior Production. Triumph Ov Fire invited by Eko Lucifer (Santau) to destroy the stage with Sauts Alastor, Balberith, Black Abyss,Santau , Claw, Ajal and Navrathos. Book your date and save your money from now! See you there brother. Hell fucking yeah!!

The Grandeur of East , Kuantan 5/1/2013

It quite suprise when we are invited by organizer to perform in Kuantan. This is our first time we will  perform in Kuantan and we excited to conquer the stage there.  As usual we will share the stage with another  good local act from our motherland Malaysia like Imperial, Mattra, Negation, Visitant, Morrgorm and many more. To all our comrades believe dan support us in Malaysia East Coast come and join us. Make this gig your memorable moments in your life!!!

Long sleeve Triumph Ov Fire official t-shirt

Triumph Ov Fire would like to thanks to our comrades that already bought  this t-shirt. We speecless because just three weeks this t-shirt almost sold out. We are very sorry to our comrades that not get this t-shirt because this release very limited.  We promise next time we will release more our official  t-shirts with interesting design. We hope your support still remains with us and we try give our to produce more and more  material. Nobody can stop us!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


When we accept offer from Jody –organizer for this event we really excited to perform there.  We fell really great get this oppurtunity  and feel this really important to us because  we are the only Malaysian band perform for this event

This is our first time perform outside from Malaysia . Detail preparation,  a lot of reherseals, dicusssion among line up  to make sure everthing gonna be smooth.  Althoghh we are not get attention from local zine, we are never give up to go Batam  because we get very good response from our blood and crew and they also make promotion for us. We also did self promotion by facebook , blog and many more internet channel just to make sure we want to go as far as we can.

We start our journey to Batam from Nilai  then go Pelabuhan Setulang Johor using ferry as our transport.  Really good experience for us. We arrived in Batam and the organizer pick up us and give us really good coperation and make sure everthing ok. We stay at hotel near concert venue. 

At the night, the organizer bring us dan we get to know better Batam metal comrades ,. They are really good guy and really appreciate us .  Next day our vocal  Rock Angel get good news , he get new sons  and this his 4th  child, Congratulation man. Don’t waste time we go to venue to  make sound check and  our guitarist Erik get really bad fever but after doing the soundcheck we go to venuee back to hotel and get some rest before performance.

When we arrived to venue see a lot crrowd and  metal maniac headbanging moshing and enjoys many band performance. Really different from our country. After Maghrib we get instruction from organizer to prepare for our turn. Erik 666 fever getting worse and he want to quit but after dicussion among line up Erik 666 change his earlier decision.  Everthing  going like we planned before..
One by one song from us get really good response from crowd. All 8 songs include one intro performed by us supported by really good sound system. We really satisfied. Experience perform in Batam really good for us to know outside metal scene from Malaysia. Along with many talented band from Batam, Padang and Singapore share the stage and get oppurtunity to get know each other better than before, We also want to thanks En Hafifi our sound engineer because doing his responsibilty really well.  

Next day , we must go back to Malaysia because our vocal Rock Angel want to se his new child. We leave Batam with many good memories to us and our promise we will back there! To oragnizer Jody ,all bands, crowd, and our comrades thanks for support . Salute!!!

To see our journey to BATAM  see through this link