Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DVD Triumph Ov Fire -Where The Journey Begins Sold Out!

Our label announce this dvd Where The Journey Begins already sold out. All 200pcs worlwidwwe will not reprint back from their side. We hope all our comrades still keep this dvd properly because this is our main material show our journey from our start.
This DVD is first Trooper Art Regime release and take almost 3 month to settle all the process before it born. When Rock Angel (vocal) left Triumph Ov Fire ex-label he decide to release this material. When The Journey begins story us detail the journey from day first Triumph Ov Fire born in Malacca Historical City. This DVD only using basic software in Windows and have quality not very good as profesional DVD. Whatever this DVD is very important document for our band. Furthermore it contain two D.I.Y video clips from 2 most meaningful tracks from our promo and EP. To see video clips just click here

This DVD define more our experiences good and bad moments happens in our journey. We hope our comrades still keep support our band and we can promise more material will come out soon. Without all of you Triumph Ov Fire is nothing. Mighty hail thanks all of you . Beware of our next attack! SALUTE!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Grandeur of The East - Kuantan Pahang

We got the offer from Azril Hulubalang Timur (organizer) to perform in Kuantan. We really appreciate and accept his offer. This is our first time journey to the Malaysian East.  All the preparations are done although we have limit time to practice together after our show in Batam Indonesia. We arrive in Kuantan after few hours after begin our journey from Seremban. We did soundcheck with another band like Negation, Imperial, Morrgorm, Tool of Trade, Mattra, Visitant, Molested Satyriasis and Anguish. The show start around 9 pm an the crowd come from many place to enjoy this show.

Triumph Ov Fire get a good response from the crowd especially from Kuantan., Terengganu also from Johore. We really glad because their spend their time to enjoy our first hymn and bang their head Our setlist in Kuantan was Intro, Circle of The Tyrant, In The Name of Black Principle, Story of Your Roses, The True Triumph Ov Fire (new songs), The Sign Ov Evil Existence (Rotting Christ), and Metal Heart (Accept Cover)
We proud and really shocked when the crowd sing along with us especially when In The Name Of Black Principle (1st single from 1 first EP).  Another band also give their best when perform there. Really good experience and moments from us especially and really excited with metal scene grow up there. Really good moments or experience for us and also a good beginning for us for 2013. Thanks also to the crowds that buy our stuff there. All what we brings in Kuantan all sold -out!! The organizer in Kuantan also give us the best from all facilities especially sounds system provide for us. Thanks also for our sound engineering Mr Hafifi . We really satisfied.

Thanks again to all crowds and crew give their best for show in Kuantan. We can promise this not our last time perform and hope will conquer the stage again in Kuantan.  A honor to them. Hail from us Triumph Ov Fire!!!

There some videos we want to share our exprience in Kuantan Pahang. Enjoy!!!