Sunday, May 26, 2013

Magelang Gembludug # 7 14 April 2013

Magelang Indonesia,one peaceful provience, relaxing and surrounding with paddy fields. People around there very talkative make us very comportable and we arrive in Jogjajakarta on 13 April 2013. All service from we start arrive no complain at all. Really good. We did soundcheck when arrive at venue. Very precious moment to us when get opportunity to be here. 

We get very responsive feedback from Magelang metalhead to conquer the stage. Very honourable to us to perform here

We also see some local bands before our turn. The war begin with “Intro” and crowd look very aggressive to show their support. Although we have some technical problems but it could be handled by their crews lead by Mustofa (the man who invited us to perform). We played 8 hymns and gets  very big support headbanging from the crowd. Really make us very impressive

 Triumph Ov Fire also cover Dimmu Borgir ‘s “Mourning Palace” and our vocal Rock Angel proudly with Malaysia/Indonesia flag in his hand as union symbol among this two country especially in Black Metal Scene. Black metal spirit never die from generation to other generation.

We really satisfied with all during this event and really impressive with metalhead bloodbrother spirit among Magelang metalheads. Magelang !!! See you soon , and thanks for the moment and  your mighty support!!!

Our performance in Magelang can be seen through this link

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