Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Medan Black Metal Syndicate # 3 18 May 2013

Medan is one part in Indonesia that scene still alive and still have many orthodox element (root) in their music scene. We arrive at Medan on 17 May 2013 one day before the event. We got little problem when last minute our bassist can’t go to Medan for this show.Then At airport Medan , some Immigration Officer do not allow to enter Medan. After long discussion organizer pay Rp 300,000 to deal. (totally suck and fuck them the stupid moron officer)

We are welcomed by our bloodbrother in Medan and bring us to their house and rest. Before the event we together with another local black metal band Infuzia share about underground movement with many other local metalhead. We enjoy this discussion and get many interesting fact that we don’t know before. A good new experience for us.

Next day, crew brings us to event venue for soundcheck and everything going smooth. Event stars at 8.00 pm in raining but it not a obstacle for this event happens. Crowds not just stand but headbanging to enjoy the show when we start to conquer the stage at 10 p.m. Their support makes us more and more “evil spirit” in to give our best when perform. We really proud to here Medan. Really salute their extraordinary spirit among Medan Metalhead to support our band

We finish our setlist with one misanthrope cover from Dimmu Borgir “Mourning Palace” duet with Infuzia vocal together conquer the stage. Very sweet moment for us that we do not get any place. After event the crew and Medan metalhead bring us to stay home. All Triumph Ov Fire satisfied with this show especially when share the stage with another Indonesia metal local band. Next day we going home.
Finally we want to say a really honor to us to perform in Medan all thanks to all Medan Black Metal Syndicate because invite us to bring black metal spirit and continue our journey here in this event. All the memories can’t be forgotten will be remembered in our heart and breath.

HORAS MEDAN! We are nothing without all of you.. Thanks you.. Hail!!!

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